Natural Health & Supplements

Natural Health & Supplements category includes a wide range of solutions based on high quality and scientifically proven natural extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Our portfolio combines the power of nature, science and innovative technology for prevention, support and relief of various health conditions, ranging from daily health and cold & flu to cardiovascular and emotional well-being. Available in European pharmacies, drug stores and online*
*Not all products sold in all countries. Visit product page for more information.

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All the Richness of the Sea to Breathe Better

The Physiomer® brand includes  effective natural nasal care products for better breathing. Unique formulation based on 100% pure sea water coming directly from the bay of Saint Malo in France, rich in minerals with clinically-proven efficacy.

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Natural Health and Dietary Supplements Products

  • Davitamon Immunity Complete

    Daily support of the immune system

  • Abtei All Day Energy

    For energy support, throughout your day

  • PHYTOSUN Aroms Nasal Spray

    The power of plants enriched by science

  • PHYSIOMER® Nasal Wash

    Effective natural nasal care products for better breathing

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